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This Is Your Figure Skating Dashboard

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Skating Simplified

SkateDash is a comprehensive web and mobile app that will revolutionize your coaching practice. All of the aspects of your job are now in one easy place. Save time, stay organized and improve student outcomes with SkateDash.

Dynamic Scheduling

Set your schedule and availability. Students search available times and book lessons directly through SkateDash.

Automated Invoicing

A single click adds completed lesson to student invoices. Send invoices based on your preferred billing cycles. Parents can pay you instantly!

Digital Progress Tracking

Say goodbye to progress binders and loose papers for tracking student progress. SkateDash helps you standardize your progress monitoring and update seamlessly, so parents, skaters and coaches can all celebrate successes.

Practice Sheets Simplified

Do your students forget what and how to practice? Digital or printed practice sheets make independent practice time more productive than ever. Demo videos mean students will never “forget” how to practice a skill again!

Streamlined Communication

The SkateDash one-way communication center allows you to message individual or groups of students. Share lesson notes and videos of student accomplishments and minimize your time spent in back-and-forth text and email threads.

Task Management

Skatebot, your administrative assistant, helps keep you organized. Skatebot tracks overdue events like invoices, alerts you of lesson cancellations, recommends progress updates, and more!

SkateDash is Available for Web, iOS, and Android

Use SkateDash on the go or from the comfort of your home. SkateDash is for smartphone, tablet or desktop.