2018 has been off to a super busy start here at SkateDash! In case you missed it, we launched the Android App in late January, and Android users have gotten off to a great start! The Android app can be found on the Google Play Store. Download it and let us know what you think!

We’ve also entered our next big development phase for both iOS and Android, and have just released our first update (or a few to come over the next couple of months). This update is included in the current Android version. iPhone users, make sure you have the latest version. Here are some of the new features you won’t want to miss out on:

  • Connecting with your students is now truly simple! We realize this process was more time consuming than it needed to be, so we’ve simplified it. Now, when a coach invites an “unregistered” student and the parent/student signs up, the coach will be automatically notified, and can instantly add the student to their roster.
  • Parent/Student accounts now only require a few fields to register an account. This will make it much easier to get parents to sign up!
  • Do you coach at multiple rinks? Now you can enter your ice rinks in your profile settings. When setting up your available lesson slots and your lesson events, you can select the rink for each slot or lesson! This is especially helpful when setting your availability slots, as parents can see where you’re teaching during each available slot.
  • We’ve also simplified the Add Event page, and removed fields that coaches weren’t using.
  • Updated Search feature. We’ve made it easier to search for/add your registered students.
  • Coaches – now you can view your available time slots on your Scheduler page, and your scheduled events on your Availability page. We’re still working to make this even more user-friendly, but the current fix eliminates the need to go back and forth between screens.
  • General bug fixes

This month we’re working on updating the Invoicing portal based on feedback from users. Within the next couple months, look for updates to the Practice Portal (including MITF, Dance, and Adult levels), Google Calendar integration, and more!


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