Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the 30-Day Trial truly free? A: Yes! No credit card required at sign up. After your 30-day trial you'll be asked to select your subscription plan and enter a payment method if you'd like to continue using SkateDash. If you’re an iPhone user and would like to pay via In-App Purchase, your only subscription option is the Unlimited Subscription. iPhone users can login on the web application to select the UnSubscription. See our Membership Info page for more details.
Q: My trial just ended and I want to keep using SkateDash, but the App Store is telling me I have to pay $45. What’s going on? A: This will only happen for iPhone users. If you login on your iPhone after your trial expires, you’ll be asked to pay via Apple’s In-App Purchase platform. The only plan that Apple’s platform currently supports is the Unlimited Subscription, which is $45/month. iPhone users wanting to select the UnSubscription just need to sign in on the web application, choose your plan and enter your payment method there. You’ll then be able to access the iPhone app with your regular login credentials.
Q: I just downloaded the app - how do I get started? A: Congratulations! You’ve accomplished the first step toward setting up your account and being able to manage all your coaching administrative tasks right at your fingertips! Visit this Getting Started Guide for your next steps!
Q: Can I write off my SkateDash fees on my taxes? A: Absolutely! Assuming that you, and not your club, ice rink, or parents are paying your Student Fees, SkateDash should be treated as a business expense. Always discuss with your CPA to make sure you are in compliance with current income tax laws and write offs.
Q: I have 20 students - so my membership will cost $30/month?! A: Yes and no. Your account will be billed a $1.50 Student Fee for each Activated Student on your roster. Click Here for more information about Activated Students. Also, in your profile settings you can choose to select “Add Student Fee to student invoices”. If you select this option, $1.50 will be automatically added to your students’ invoice every month, and you will recoup the student fee when your students pay their invoices.
Q: At sign up, why do you ask for my default lesson rate and duration? A: Good question! We recognize that most coaches provide the same length lesson 80-90% of the time. For instance, at some rinks/clubs coaches might give 20 minute lessons, where at others they give 30 minute lessons. So if you are a coach that typically gives 20 minute lessons, enter 20 minutes as your default duration, and enter the rate you charge for a 20 minute lesson. Now, rather than having to enter 20 minutes and the cost to the student every time you set up a lesson, these fields will be filled in with your defaults (don't worry, you can easily change them for any lesson event). SkateDash will also calculate your rate when you enter a different length than your default. So if your default lesson is 30 minutes and your rate is $30 for 30 minutes, your rate for a 20 minute lesson would show as $20. If you calculate your rates differently, just enter what you charge when you set up the lesson.
Q: I get too many notifications from apps these days. Is SkateDash just going to add to the madness? A: Only if you want it to. You can customize which notifications you receive in your profile settings. We do suggest that coaches choose to receive push notifications when lessons are requested, so that you can accept or decline in a timely manner.
Q: I am a secondary coach for many students whose primary coach doesn't use SkateDash. Can I be their primary coach for SkateDash purposes only? A: Yes! First we recommend letting the primary coach know what they're missing out on! And if they still decide not to sign up, you should definitely invite your secondary students as a primary coach. For SkateDash, the only difference between primary and secondary coaches is that the primary coach is the only one who has access to editing a student's progress and practice sheets.
Q: How do I remove a student from my roster? A: This can be done through the web app. Login to your account at www.skatedash.com and click "Manage Students" (on the menu on the left side of the screen". From there you will find your list of students. To remove a student from your roster click the X to the right of the email icon.
Q: How do I log out? A: Head over to your Profile, tap or click the cog (looks like a fidget spinner) then in the upper right-hand corner of the settings page you’ll see the log-out button. But don't log out for too long or we will miss you too much!
Q: How do I cancel my subscription? A: You can cancel your subscription by logging in on the web app and clicking the Edit Profile icon (the little pencil by your profile picture). On the right side of the page there's an option to "Cancel Current Subscription".
Q: Is SkateDash available in my country? A: Our hope is that it will be soon! While our initial release is limited to US-based customers, we plan to add Canada in the near future, with other countries to follow. Help us out by letting us know where you live and if you'd like to see SkateDash in your country. Email us at hello@skatedash.com!
Q: How do I schedule lessons? A: iOS and Android: From your home screen, tap the blue + button at the bottom, and then tap the pink circle in the upper right that says "Add Event". This will take you to your Add Event screen (Click here for a detailed diagram that explains the Add Event screen). You'll notice that some fields on your Add Event screen are already filled out for you, including your default lesson length (Minutes) and rate. The only field you are required to fill out is the Date & Start time. Location, Description and Students are optional. You can change the Event Type to Competition, Test Session, Off-Ice (this would include meeting time with parents), or Other. Your Event will appear on your schedule with the Date/time you select, the length, Event Type, and the participating student(s) names. To make the lesson/event reoccur weekly, tap that option at the bottom and follow the instructions for setting your end date. Tap Add in the top right corner, and you're all set!
Web App From your home screen click Add Event in the top right corner. See iOS and Android notes above regarding the Lesson/Event fields and recurring lesson/events. When you're done, click Add and you're all set!
Q: How do I set up a semi-private or small group lesson? A: This is easier than you might think! Follow the instructions for setting up a lesson or event (right above this question). Click the field titled Students to Participate. Here you'll see a list of all of your students. Select the students to participate in the lesson or event), and then tap done in the top right (iOS), or Add on the pop-up (Web). SkateDash will automatically split the total cost of the lesson/event between your students, so double check that "Cost to Student" is the total amount you'll charge for that lesson, not the amount to charge to each individual student.
Q: How do I set my availability? A: From iOS or Android App The easiest way is to access your Availability screen by tapping the blue + button on your home screen or Scheduler page, then tapping Add Availability (in the upper right corner). This will take you to a screen titled Time Slot. Add the start and end time of your available slot. For instance, if you are available from 10am to 12pm, that is one slot. If you are available for just part of that time (i.e. you have a 20 minute lesson from 11-11:20am), you'll need to add one Slot for 10am-11am and another from 11:20am-12pm. Students can request lessons within your available time slots, but you can always edit the length of the lesson they request, or deny their request altogether. Check the box for "Make it reoccur weekly" if this slot is available at the same time/day every week.
From the web Click "Availbility" in your menu on the left side of the screen. Then click "Add Slot" in the top right corner, and enter your available time slot. Check the box for "Make it reoccur weekly" if this slot is available at the same time/day every week.
Q: Can students see my schedule and who I have lessons with every day? A: No. The only lesson or events your students can see on your schedule are those that they are scheduled in. They can see the available time slots you set, so that they're able to request lessons with you. But other than that, your schedule is for your eyes only.
Q: How do I invoice my students? A: This is one of our favorite SkateDash features. Your invoicing is directly linked with the lessons/events you set up. Once a scheduled lesson has ended (i.e. if you schedule a lesson from 7-7:30am, it would be finished at 7:30), you'll notice that "Complete" shows up next to that lesson in your schedule. If you click the circle next to Complete, that lesson will automatically appear on the student's invoice. If you wait until your final lesson of the day is complete, a button that says "Complete All Lessons" will appear. Clicking that will send all of your day's lessons to the corresponding student invoices.
You can also add additional items to students invoices, like music editing, travel expenses, music cutting, etc. Just click +Add Item on the student's invoice, to add any item and its cost.
Last thing! Your student invoices will accumulate until you send them out to your students. You can choose the frequency based on your preferences. But whenever you're ready to get paid, go to your Invoices tab, review your student invoices, and click "Send to Student" if all looks good. Your student will receive your invoice immediately!
Q: Uh...ohhhh… I just added an item to my invoice but I put the wrong amount! I don’t usualy charge $15000 for Music Editing! Help can I edit my invoice before I send it out?!? A: Yes! You must first log on to SkateDash.com on your desktop or web browser on your phone. Go to “Invoices” then “Edit Amount.” You can change any value on an invoice. Maybe you hit “Complete All” at the end of your day, but forgot one of your students didn’t show up because she/he was sick. You can go to their invoice and zero-out that day. Just hit “Edit Amount” and put in $0 for that day.
Q: Are my bank account and credit card numbers secure? How can I be sure? A: If you’ve ever bought anything online, you’ve probably already made a purchase through Stripe, the credit card processing platform we’ve partnered with to bring you SkateDash. Stripe is used by over 100,000 businesses (including Target, Blue Apron, Lyft, NPR, Under Armour, and many more), and is a world leader in safe and secure credit card payments on the web. Security and online safety is one of our top priorities at SkateDash, and we haven chosen Stripe with confidence.
Q: If my parents pay me through SkateDash, how long does it take for the payment to hit my bank account? A: Usually 2 days, but up to 3.
Q: If my clients pay me through SkateDash, do I have to pay a credit card processing fee? That gets expensive! A: Nope! If a parent chooses to pay you through SkateDash, there is a small Convenience Fee added to their bill. In order to provide the most user-friendly and secure payment processing service, SkateDash uses Stripe (a world leader in secure payment processing). The Convenience Fee covers the Stripe fees and allows us to offer this payment method as an option. For more info on the Convenience Fee, see our Terms and Conditions.
Q: Can my parents pay me by check or cash? A: Yes! Parents can pay you however they choose. Just make sure you manually update the invoice as paid, or SkateDash will continue to remind you (and the parent) of their overdue invoice. You can do this by going to your Invoices tab. Select the student, and the DUE column. At the bottom of the due invoice, check the option to "Mark as Paid".
Q: I charge my parents for off-ice meeting time. Should I add this to their invoice as a lesson? A: Great news! If you click into a student invoice, you’ll see, "+ Add Item" below the events. This allows you to add anything (such as off-ice meeting time, music editing, choreography, etc.) to your invoice. For your off-ice meeting just type "Off Ice Meeting", set your price, and you'll all done! You can also schedule an “Off-Ice Meeting” Event from your calendar, if you're able to schedule the meeting ahead of time. To do this, following the instructions for Creating a New Event in Scheduling Questions above.
Q: What is IDM? A: IDM stands for Introduced (I), Developing (D) and Mastered (M). Our goal is to provide coaches with a simple, yet flexible tool for standardizing skill progress. For that reason, we are providing the guidelines we personally like to use for determining when to identify a skill as I, D or M, but we encourage you to customize this based on your personal preference and coaching methods.
Introduced (I) describes skills that have recently been introduced to a student, requiring prompts and modeling from the coach. We have found that most students stay in the I phase for 2-4 lessons where the skill is worked on. Developing (D) describes skills the student is working on independently. This phase can still require feedback and prompting from the coach. (M) is achieved when a student can consistently demonstrate a skill with competence.
There are no hard guidelines for how long you should keep students at each IDM level (this is based on your coaching preferences), but keep in mind that practice sheets are automatically generated from skills identified as Introduced and Developing. In other words, if you mark a skill as I or D, it will automatically appear on your student’s practice sheet. If you mark a skill as Mastered it will not appear on the practice sheet, but you can select the Edit option, and manually add any Mastered skills to the practice sheet. To save you time, we recommend not marking skills as "Mastered" until you no longer want a student to practice those skills during their independent practice time.
Q: How do I update my students' progress? A: We have a great how-to for this located here!
Q: What if I don't want to create practice sheets for my students? A: No problem! As long as you select the correct competition level for your students, they will be able to open a default practice sheet for their level. At the Basic Skills levels (Basic 1 through Pre-Preliminary), the default practice sheets generally contain skills from 1-2 levels below the competition level to 1-2 levels above their competition level. For Preliminary and higher the default practice sheets generally contain the skills required for the test track. You can always edit the default practice sheet to increase or decrease skill repetitions. You can also add skills to the default practice sheet by choosing Add Skill when you're in Edit mode. For more on editing practice sheets, see below.
Q: How do I remove a skill from my student's practice sheet? A: Skills show up on a practice sheet when they are identified as I (Introduced) or D (Developing). So if you go into your student's progress section and enter Edit mode, just mark that skill as Mastered, or de-select the I or D all together (which would indicate that this skill has not been introduced). After you select Update and then go back to the practice sheet, the skill will no longer be there.
Q: I really want my students to use practice sheets, but I'm not sure I want them to bring phones or tablets out onto the ice. What can I do? A: Just have them print their practice sheets at home! They can do so by logging in on a computer and clicking the printer icon on their practice sheet page. Coaches can also print practice sheets. The student can then add their practice repetitions on the mobile app or web once they're off the ice.
Q: What if I don’t want my students bringing phones or tablets onto the ice during practice time? A: Just have them print their practice sheets at home! They can do so by logging in on a computer and clicking the Print (in the top right) on their practice sheet page. Coaches can also print practice sheets. The student can then add their practice repetitions on their mobile app or web once they're off the ice.
Q: I already spend a lot of time in text message and email threads with parents. Won’t SkateDash add to my time communicating with families, since it will give parents an additional way to contact me? A: Not at all! The Lesson Notes feature in SkateDash is designed as a one-way communication tool. When you click into a completed lesson event, you can add notes and videos to update your skaters and parents, but they do not respond to these notes. We believe that parents and skaters will have fewer questions when they are kept in the loop about their skater’s progress, so SkateDash should reduce the overall time you spend responding to texts and emails.
Q: Ahhh! I woke up sick as a dog and I need to cancel all of my lessons for the day! How do I message all of my lessons quickly so I can get back to bed? A: Sending a message to all your students is so easy on SkateDash. In the app go to “Profile” then scroll down to “Send Message” - click on it and your student list will pop up. Select your students you need to get a hold of or simply hit “Select All” - write your message and hit send. It’s the best way to send out information to your clients without having to write an entire email!
If you are on the website and need to send messages to your students go to: Manage Students --> Send Message --> Select your students, type a message, and send!
Since you probably aren’t feeling up to going into your schedule and canceling each of your lessons, we have an easier option! Simply don’t “Complete Lessons” at the end of your day. Lessons don’t get sent to student invoices until you “Complete” them, so just ignore your schedule for the day and you’ll be all set!
Q: My child's coach invited us to SkateDash. How much will it cost me? A: Woohoo! Your child's coach made a good choice. Booking lessons and keeping track of your skater's progress is now easier than ever! Your Parent/Skater membership is free, but there are some potential costs that we want to tell you about. When a coach adds your skater to their roster (after you sign up), their account will be charged $1.25/month, billed as SkateDash Student Fee. Most coaches will choose to pass this fee on to parents in their monthly invoices, so you might see your invoice to your coach(es) increase by $1.50/month. Parents have found this to be a very reasonable fee for the service that SkateDash and the coaches are providing, as your student will now receive custom practice sheets, lesson notes, and frequent progress updates, along with the convenience of booking lessons directly from your phone or computer. If you choose to pay your coach through SkateDash, you will also see a small Convenience Fee added to your bill. The Convenience Fee is not added to invoices paid by cash, check, or other methods outside of SkateDash. More information about the Convenience Fee can be found in our Terms and Conditions.
Q: How do I use my practice sheet? A: Click here to check out our tutorial for using your practice sheet on mobile devices! For our web tutorial Click here
Q: I am a parent of multiple skaters. How does this work for me? A: We have a really great solution for this coming soon, but for now you have a couple of options. The first option is to sign up your skaters with separate email addresses, and create separate accounts for each of them. The other is to create a single account and use it for all of your skaters. For scheduling, your skater's coach(es) can take a note of the skater's name for lesson events. With this option it won't be possible to have unique progress tracking and practice sheets for each skater, however, so you would have to choose one skater for the coach to use these features for. We look forward to releasing our multiple skater function soon!