Congratulations! You’ve accomplished the first step toward setting up your account and being able to manage all your coaching administrative tasks right at your fingertips! Here are your first steps:

1 – Invite your students

The quicker you get all of your students on board, the quicker you’ll be able to fully benefit from all of the automation that SkateDash will do for your coaching business.

Mobile Apps

1. Sign in and tap Profile in your home screen menu

2. Scroll down to Invite Students


3. If SkateDash is new to your club, your students will likely not be current SkateDash members. Tap Unregistered to invite students who have never used SkateDash. If you’re not sure, you can search for your students in the Registered column. Type your student’s (most likely their parent’s) emails separated by a space, and then tap Invite. They’ll receive an email from SkateDash with instructions for signing up.




4. When your students sign up and select you as their coach, you’ll receive a notification in your Skatebot. Click on Skatebot when you login and you’ll be able to accept your students and get started!


2 – Set up your availability and scheduled lessons

Now you can set up your availability and start getting your previously-scheduled lessons on your calendar (for your students who have registered with SkateDash). For more info on how to set up lessons and availability, close out this page and head back to the FAQs under Scheduling Questions.

3 – Start setting up your students’ progress and practice sheets

Next you’ll want to start working on your students’ progress tracking and practice sheets. First visit our FAQ about What is IDM (switch over to our Progress Tracking Questions category on the FAQ page). Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the IDM terminology you can see our how-to on how to update progress for your students. Just click the article below.

Update Student Progress

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