We are so excited to have a booth at the PSA Trade Show in Nashville this year! We can’t wait for everyone to get a sneak peek at what we’ve been working on. SkateDash is the only skating-specific app that truly puts your coaching business at your fingertips:

  • -Scheduling
  • -Automated Invoicing
  • -Task Management via your personal assistant, SkateBot
  • -One-way communication (share updates with parents and skaters without getting into never-ending text threads)
  • -Progress Tracking
  • -Practice sheets
  • -Comprehensive video resource library for athletes and parents

You’ve likely already checked out our membership plans and pricing, but you might have some additional questions about how and why we’ve priced SkateDash the way we have. This was a task we have not taken lightly, and we spent many hours (likely days if you add them all up!) considering our options for our pricing model. It eventually became clear that we believe strongly in two guiding principles – that SkateDash must be:

  1. – Affordable for coaches
  2. – Easy for coaches to sign on ALL of their clientele. Because what good is an app that’s supposed to make your life easier if you have to beg your parents to sign up and pay for their own subscription?!

Once SkateDash is live you’ll choose from monthly, 6-month or 1-year plans. During your account set up you’ll invite your students via email, and all they have to do is accept your invite, download the app, and they’re in! For every student you link to your account, $1.25/month will be added to your monthly subscription rate (if you choose a 6-month or 1-year subscription, you’ll be billed the student fee separately, on a monthly basis). Yes, we realize this can add up quickly. So we’ve automated the ability for coaches, during their profile setup, to simply check a box that will automatically pass the $1.25/month onto each student’s monthly invoice. If you choose this option you’ll never pay more than $9/month for SkateDash! Better yet – parents will never pay more than $1.25/month + a small credit card processing fee when they pay you (should they choose to pay through SkateDash). So getting your clients on board should be a breeze!

We know waiting is hard, and our developers are working nearly around the clock to get SkateDash into your hands. We promise it will be worth the wait, but if you’re dying to act now, we’re offering a 50% off subscription prices if you pre-purchase your subscription between Friday, May 26 and Sunday, June 4. Visit https://www.skatedash.com/membership-info/, choose either the 6-month or 1-year option, and enter code PSA50 at checkout.

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