Membership Info

Coach Membership Info

Parent/Skater accounts are free, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind:  Coaches may choose to add a small monthly fee to your invoice. This amount should not exceed $1.50, and not all coaches will choose to do this. Talk with your coach if you have questions. If you choose to pay your coach through SkateDash, a small convenience fee will be added to your payment. Paying your coach through SkateDash is optional.

Two Membership Options

Now choose from the UnSubscription and pay only for what you use, or the Unlimited Subscription for a flat rate

All Sign-Ups Include a Free 30-Day Trial - No Credit Card Required

Connect to unlimited students for free

Pay just $1.50 for each of your Activated Students at the end of each month*

Students become activated the first time one of the three actions below are completed:


Once a lesson has transpired, clicking 'Complete' sends that lesson (and cost of the lesson) to the student's invoice.


Update a student's skill progress or practice sheet in their profile.


Accept a lesson requested by the student, from your available lesson slots in your schedule.

* SkateDash gives you the option to add $1.50 to student invoices.

Example 1: Joe Jones is a student who you schedule for a 20-min lesson on May 3rd at 8:00am. When the lesson is finished at 8:20 you login to SkateDash and see the “Complete” button next to Joe’s lesson. You tap Complete on your phone. Joe’s 20 minute lesson (along with the rate you charge) will now appear on his invoice. $1.50 will be added to your Activated Student Fees to be billed on the 28th of the month. You can now complete as many lessons with Joe as you want for the rest of the billing cycle without incurring an additional Activated Student Fee from SkateDash.

Example 2: Take the scenario above, but say Joe gets injured right before his lesson on May 3rd. He won’t be able to skate for a month. Joe can remain on your roster without incurring an Activated Student fee, because you won’t be actively coaching him this month. You can still send messages to Joe to keep him up-to-date while he recovers.

Example 3: Let’s say Joe is going on summer vacation the entire months of June and July. You won’t be scheduling or completing lessons with him, but you’d like him to find a rink to practice at 1-2 times per week. You’d also like him to stay on task, so you decide to update his practice sheet in the middle of June. This will trigger the Activated Student fee for Joe for June.

Example 4: Joe returns from vacation in early August and is eager to book lessons. He looks at your open availability and sees a slot on August 7 at 6:30am. He requests the slot through SkateDash and you accept it. This triggers Joe’s Activated Student Fee for the month of August.

  • 30-Day Truly Risk-Free Trial – No credit card required! If you’d like to get paid by parents via SkateDash during your trial, you’ll need to enter your bank account details, but this is totally optional.
  • Customizable Coaching Terms. Set your rate, billing terms, cancellation and late payment policies once and let SkateDash take care of the rest.
  • Dynamic Scheduling – Set up private, semi-private and small group lessons. Input your available lesson slots so you can fill your vacant lessons with ease!
  • Automated Invoicing – Your schedule is your invoice system! Completed lessons get added to student lessons with a single click or tap. You can also add non-scheduled items to invoices, like music editing, travel expenses, etc.
  • Progress Tracking – Simply keep track of student progress to keep students motivated and parents informed.
  • Practice Sheets – Automatically generated based on student progress, or students can use default practice sheets based on their competition level
  • Communication Center – One-way communication with parents and students. Share videos, lesson notes and notifications, without the back-and-forth capability of text messages and emails
  • Your Personal Assistant –  Skatebot will notify you of overdue invoices, canceled lessons, completed practice sheets, and more.