Our story

Our story begins…

Our story begins in early 2016 with Stephanie Chace Bass, (a lifelong figure skater, US National Senior Lady Competitor, US International competitor, American Ice Theater of Utah Director, multi-award-winning choreographer and 12 year coaching veteran), Emily Boyd (a not-nearly-as-experienced Skate Mom, school psychologist and digital marketer), and Emily’s then five-year-old daughter, Autumn.

It was February, and Autumn had been taking lessons with Stephanie for a few months. Autumn was learning new skills quickly and loved going to the rink to practice on her own, but wasn’t always sure what to practice. So Stephanie created a practice sheet for her. It was a table made in Word, with boxes added on by hand for skills and repetitions that she had added after printing.

Emily was super appreciative, but…

Emily was super appreciative, but first of all, how long did this take Stephanie to create?! And second, sent with the practice sheet was an invoice for January lessons that was missing some dates. When Emily asked about the inaccurate invoice Stephanie responded, “yeah, if I forget to write down which lessons I gave I can’t invoice for them.”

Say what?!

Emily paid Stephanie way less than she owed her, took Autumn to the rink to practice, and they all lived happily ever after….

Well, not exactly.

Autumn was five years old. She wasn’t reading yet, and Emily was recovering from knee surgery so wasn’t able to go out onto the ice with her. Not that it would’ve mattered, since Emily had no idea what three-turns or spirals were. Autumn “sort of” remembered, which turned out to be just as unhelpful.

From this, SKATEDASH…

From this, SKATEDASH was born. Emily knew there had to be a better way for coaches to keep track of everything, automate many parts of their jobs, and for parents and skaters to easily access practice sheets with digital demos for non-readers and “forgetters”. Stephanie was immediately on board, and so we got to work.

We have worked tirelessly to bring to life a product that will revolutionize our sport and the skating community. We are passionate about creating stronger athletes and believe that coaches are at their best on the ice, not buried in work at their desks.

Axels, Flying Camels, and Twizzles will always be complicated. But everything else should be simplified.