Skaters, this one’s for you! This How-To will show you how to use your custom practice sheet.

On the Web

We recommend these instructions for using your printed practice sheet, since we can’t think of a situation where you’d have a laptop or computer with you on the ice. This will take you through printing your practice sheet and then transferring your printed practice sheet reps onto your computer. If you’ll have your phone or tablet with you at the rink, check out the mobile instructions here.

1. After logging in, click Profile on the left side of your screen.

2. Click View Practice Sheet.


3. Now you’re in your Notes, Practice Sheet, and Progress portal, viewing your Practice Sheet (high-lighted in pink). Here you can see the skills your coach has assigned you, how many repetitions you’ve practiced, and how many your coach wants you to practice. There is no set time frame for completing your practice sheet. Some coaches will design them to be completed in a day, but most coaches will set the repetitions to be completed in a week, or even two weeks or longer. When you hover over a skill name, a Play Button will appear. Click the play button to see a quick demo video of that skill!


4. Print Practice Sheet by clicking Print in the top right

5. Practice Practice Practice!

Take your printed practice sheet with you to the rink. We like putting it on a clipboard, and if you’re feeling extra fancy, those transparent cover sleeves can be used to make your practice sheet last longer (use a dry-erase marker to check off your reps). Your practice sheet will look like the one below, but longer (and without the colorful markups on it).  Every skill has 10 boxes next to it, regardless of how many reps you’ve been assigned. So if you want, you can write your number of reps next to the name of each skill. In the example below the student was assigned 20 Backward Outside 3-Turns (right), so they wrote 20  next to the skill name, and they also decided to make each box worth two reps by writing a 2 on top of each box.

Now, practice some Backward Outside 3-Turns and mark them off! We recommend doing around 5 repetitions before going back to your practice sheet to mark them off. We practiced 6, so we marked three boxes.

6. Transfer your reps to your SkateDash profile

When you’re ready to update your practice sheet in your SkateDash profile, go back into your practice sheet and click Edit in the top right corner. To update on your mobile app, follow these instructions.

Now click the + next to the skills you practiced. Usually you’ll have practiced many skills in one session. Here we’re just updating the 6 Backward Outside Three-Turns we practiced, so we clicked the + 6 times.  If you need to remove reps, click the minus. When you’re done, click Update.

7. Celebrate your success! When you update your practice sheet your progress spinner will update on your profile page. Woohoo!


Still have questions? Email us at We’re always happy to help!

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